Strutting our stuff at Be:Fit London!


05 May Strutting our stuff at Be:Fit London!

What a weekend we just had!  We had such a great time at the Women’s Health & Fitness Festival BE:FIT in London. It was overwhelming to have so many inspiring health and fitness stars in one place!  What a perfect opportunity to connect with amazing like-minded brands and showcase the StaeFit range to so many beautiful ladies. We were thrilled to show the ladies how we “Get Your Top off” with our unique front-fastening top ( coupled with that moisture wicking fabric of our gear) – so no more sticky sweat filled tops, or trouble getting out of your sports top with StaeFit!

Our CyberQuin was dressed to workout in style and thanks to our friends at TomTom we were able to track just how far she ran over the weekend with her very own fitness watch.  She was a slow runner, clocking her best time on Saturday  at 7.1km over 7-hours! No records broken, but she was a fabulous addition to our stand. And a BIG BIG  thank you to our Twinnies (the darling girls, Daisy & Sophie, who strutted their stuff in our outfits &  made quite the impact!) The girls rocked their StaeFit outfits and looked fabulous!

It was so great to meet you all and show you why StaeFit is special  & it was so  great to hear first-hand about the positive responses we had to our tops & pants! Thank you to the organisers of Be:Fit London, we’ll definitely  be back next year!


Stae xxx