Healthier choices – when eating out

23 Mar Healthier choices – when eating out


You’ll get sick of me talking about routine/ consistency, but it really is the key to keeping a healthy lifestyle. So often, I see people looking after their food intake at home, only to splurge when out for dinner. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a treat, but if you are watching your weight, there are some really easy steps to follow to ensure you enjoy a night out, and don’t blow your calorie intake for the day!

It’s as easy as looking for healthier options on the menu, and watching that portion control!  Many restaurants seem to adopt the ‘ more is more’ approach to filling up the plates, but in reality, it’s forcing you to eat far more than you should!

Here are some dining tips you may find handy…

  • Try to stick to one course – even if everyone else wants to order another course, there is no harm in trying to keep up.  If you want something light, you can ask for a nice refreshing side salad as entrée and look out for some fruit if others are having dessert.

  • Chew your food, take it slowly and savour the tastes – this will ensure you fill up slowly and aren’t tempted to go for another serving of food.  You’ll find yourself feeling fuller the slower you eat. Try putting your knife and fork down between mouthfuls. Not only will you feel full in less time you will also find yourself savouring your food more. You should be enjoying food, not inhaling it

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications. YOU are the customer and have the right to change it up if you need to. So if you want your fish steamed instead of fried or your salad dressing or condiments on the side (which you do), just ask your waiter

  • You don’t have to consume everything that you are served. Restaurant servings can be massive. If there are leftovers on your plate or on the share plates, you don’t have to eat them.

Eating healthy should not be boring, even when dining out, and by choosing the healthier options, you’re body will thank you for it!